As CIO of a large Benefits Insurance company for 16 years, I felt, just like you, "a victim" of the very high cost of software. You can be sure I know the frustration of forking over thousands of dollars every year just to use software I had paid for years ago.

Since I had programmed and built systems for over 30 years, I was sure that I could build a strong, secure and reliable CRM product at a reasonable price. Many of the people that worked with me agreed and have joined our team, and we are glad to put our talents to use for you.

CRM systems are generally complicated and overkill, and are not easily assimilated throughout the corporate culture. A "simple, consistent interface that is rewarding to use" will help ease the resistance. CRMEssence was built on those principles. It is an easy to use tool that seamlessly links Branch-office to Head-office and the Front-office to Back-office.

If you are a SOHO or a small business, you can run your entire business (front-end and back-end) by purchasing this one product, and the price is within reach: For a limited time we are offering CRMEssence at an introductory price of only $955, and CALs are only $25 per year. This means you could solve your marketing, operations and accounting problems for an investment of less than $1,000. You can't find an enterprise-wide, integrated product like this anywhere at this price.

The bottom line: You Benefit from my years of frustration. Go to our Augmentin 625 price uk and check out what we offer.

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Michael West: Founder and C.E.O. of CRMEssence the inexpensive CRM Solution

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